ALP Motors is a Car Dealership and Panelbeating Shop with an innovative virtual showroom. Based in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria this dealership specializes in the sale and service of quality pre-owned (used or second hand) vehicles.  Our tagline "A Pre-owned Vehicle For Everyone" sums up our approach to the pre-owned (used or second hand) vehicle market.


With over twenty five years in motor-related experience, the owner Andries Pretorius understands the needs of the discerning consumer with a limited budget. He knows that searching for the perfect pre-owned car at the right price is never easy.  This dealership therefore strives to find the best deal and the best value at the best price for its customers. 


This dealership stocks vehicles in the R50 000 - R180 000 range. Stock includes sedans, hatch-backs, a wide range of multi-purpose vehicles, 4 x 4, cabs etc.


Andries and his staff are committed to service excellence and believe in building long lasting relationships with all their customers, based on trust and a solid commitment to always “walk the extra mile”.


In order to find us type in any of the following search terms in your favourite browser:


Pre-Owned (used or second hand) Convertibles / Coupes / Hatchbacks /  Minibuses / SUVs / Sedans / Station Wagons / Twin cabs / Double cabs in (Pretoria) Gauteng


We look forward to assist you to find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs.





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